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Allan Jeffries

AllanAllan Jeffries is a third generation framer. His grandfather, father and mother were all successful picture framers. Having grown up in a frame shop Allan developed a remarkable sense of design and knowledge. He is often referred to as one of the top frame designers in the country. Allan believes in doing business the old fashioned way where customer service, quality and attention to detail are the top priorities for having a successful business. Allan is also one of the top art collectors in Los Angeles and continuously loans artworks to museums for exhibitions.


Designer: Scott Griffin

Scott GriffinScott Griffin is the manager of our Santa Monica store. His twenty-five plus years experience in framing combined with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in printmaking from Florida State University make him an exceptional designer. He really enjoys the unique framing projects that challenge both his design skills and his construction talents. Much of Scott’s spare time is dedicated to fine art engraving, printing (he has his own press) and bookmaking. He is heavily influenced by such artists as Barry Moser and Lynd Ward. Check out his Etsy Store


Designer: Atturro Zanella

Atturro ZanellaSelf proclaimed framing dork and manager of our Manhattan Beach store, started framing when he was a student at the University of Rhode Island way back in 1987. Atturro has a BFA with a major in Painting and a minor in Printmaking. He’s framed some impressive artwork over the years, including original Warhols and Greek Icons circa 700 a.d. After a brief hiatus he’s happily back to painting and will soon be completing a series of expressionistic paintings representing Steinbeck’s California. His unique photo originates from an art exhibit in which he dressed up like Claude Monet; the look included copious amounts of wine.


Designer: Sean Martinez

Sean MartinezNot only is he an exceptional designer with more than twenty years of experience but he’s also one of our crack framers responsible for the meticulous quality of our work. His artistic skills do not stop at the frame shop door. Sean is a talented graphic illustrator and mural artist. While he spent a number of years creating graphics for skateboard companies he loves the more recent challenge of creating whole new worlds and characters within the mural format. Sean’s enjoyment of people is reflected in the characters he creates and how much he enjoys helping clients find just the right frame to fit their style and personality.


Designer: Jen Soh

Jen SohJen Soh has been framing since 2004 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Jen is an LA native; she paints, draws and enjoys street photography. From a young age, Jen’s interest in art and design blossomed in the art instruction aisles of the local library. Her talent and innovation show in her fresh and creative approach to framing design. Jen is always happy to take whatever time a client needs to come up with the framing concept that’s right for them.



Designer: Sonya Collier

Sonya CollierSonya Collier (pronounced Sahn-ya Call-yer) is an artist, writer and human being. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Sculpture in 2010. In college, she remembers having a professor who’d ask, ‘Where is the poem?’ during every critique. Sonya continues to write and create, searching for the poem. She has been framing since 2007 and continues to enjoy her work designing frames, believing that the frame completes the poem found in every work of art.


Designer: Steve Howe

Steve HoweSteve has been framing since 1982, across the western U.S. from Denver, to Albuquerque to several locations in Los Angeles. We are fortunate that he’s landed here at Allan Jeffries as he brings a depth of knowledge and experience that fits right in.





Justin Huffman

JustinJustin Huffman is a born and raised Los Angeles based artist. He’s interested in converging concept with simulacra and miniatures. He is currently creating miniature dioramas as well as small-scale drawings on the back of mail envelopes. (You can check out his work on Instagram @ recess_collective.) He studied art at Tufts University (BA) and Claremont Graduate University (MA).Justin has been working in the field of custom framing for more then 17 years and has cherished the experience as a natural extension of his interest in art. He enjoys the thrill of the moment when a piece of art is paired with a frame design that completes it. In his own words, “Not only are we putting the final touches on the art to further elevate the experience of viewing it, which is amazing, but we as designers also get to share in the personal narratives that surround each piece of art.”

Alex Crabtree

AlexAlex had been picture framing since 2006 while attending school in New York for art education. His talents moved him to the West Coast in 2010, and he has been framing artwork for homes and office spaces in the Los Angeles area since. He has a strong belief that a great frame is an extension of the artwork itself and should work in perfect harmony.

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