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Easel Back Photo Frames

Your special photos deserve special easel back photo frames from Allan Jeffries Framing.

These days, most people keep the majority of their photos in digital form. So when you decide to print and display an actual photograph, you can bet that image is a truly special one that deserves a quality photo frame.

We have the largest selection in Southern California of Easel back photo frames

At Allan Jeffries Framing, we have carefully selected a wide variety of easel back photo frames to suit just about any style and budget. For example, we carry:

  • Plain black, silver, and gold frames
  • Wood and inlaid wood frames
  • Vintage photo frames
  • Sterling photo frames
  • Decorative photo frames
  • Round photo frames
  • Baby photo frames
  • Sizes: 3.5×5, 4×6, 5×5, 5×7, 8×10
  • Hardware for hanging included with select frames

Because frames are our business, we know a quality photo frame from a lesser one. You can rest assured that the frames you get from us are well-made and will serve you well for years to come. Our quality easel back photo frames also make great gifts!

Need Help Choosing Your Photo Frames?

When purchasing a photo frame, sometimes it’s alright to just pick whichever frame strikes you fancy. But if you are planning to create an entire photo display—or add to one—you may be struggling to choose the right easel back photo frames for the job.

Fortunately for you, the friendly frame artists at Allan Jeffries Framing are always here to help. Tell us a little bit about the décor of the room or rooms where you want to place your photos, the content of the photos, and the look you’re going for, and we’ll be happy to suggest frame selections. For example, we often recommend using slim, plain photo frames for pictures with a lot of detail or action, so that the frame does not detract from the content of the photo. For portraits, you might want something with a little more detail or perhaps even a vintage look. When creating a display with multiple photos, don’t worry about making them all match perfectly. Instead, settle on a theme or color and then use slightly different sizes and designs for variety.

Come Browse Today

If you’re in the market for easel back photo frames, don’t resign yourself to the dull and limited options available at your local big box store! Come to Allan Jeffries Framing for a variety of enticing options. We have three frame shops for you to browse. See you soon!

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