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Fine Art Photography Framing

Elevate any photo to fine art with our top-quality fine art photography framing.

Let’s face it: there are still many people out there who do not quite take photography seriously as an art form. When photos are presented without frames or in ill-fitting or unattractive frames and mats, this only reinforces the misconception of photos as “lesser” artworks.

Fortunately, Allan Jeffries Framing can help you change this perception with stunning fine art photography framing.

We Take Fine Art Photography Framing Seriously

At Allan Jeffries Framing, we take every fine art photography framing project seriously. Whether you are framing a snap you took yourself, the work of a contemporary photographer, or a piece by a legend like Ansel Adams, we will dedicate equal care to your project, ensuring that you get the right frame, mat, and glazing to make your photograph look its very best and provide the level of protection against the ravages of time that you require.

With over 3,000 frame moulding samples in stock, plus a good crop of readymade frames, we are able to provide your choice of:

  • Metal frames in a variety of finishes
  • Painted wood frames (matte or glossy colors)
  • Stained wood frames (natural wood tones)
  • Gilded frames
  • Rustic frames
  • Ornate frames
  • Sleek modern frames
  • Handmade closed corner frames

Any of these frames can be paired with your choice of mats in any width or color. We have many museum-quality matboards to choose from.

Now You May Wonder…

What’s the Most Traditional Choice for Fine Art Photography Framing?

An understated black frame with a white mat is the most traditional choice. Depending on the content and mood of the photo, you may wish to leave a lot of white space around the photo or just a thin strip. If you plan to show your work in a gallery, we do recommend this type of fine art photography framing as it is the most versatile for buyers to integrate into their collections.

Ready to Get Started?

We invite you to give us a call for a quote on fine art photography framing or stop by one of our three frame shops with your work to start designing your new frames.

Ready To Get Started? We're Here For You.