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Custom Mounting

Why settle for an ordinary mount when you can get custom mounting at Allan Jeffries Framing?

Choosing the right frame is of course an important part of displaying your art to its best advantage. But the frame is not your only opportunity to make a statement. Custom mounting can also influence the visual impact of the piece and help you make your piece stand out from the crowd.

Allan Jeffries Framing Excels at Custom Mounting

At Allan Jeffries Framing, we only employ the finest frame artists. Not only do they have years of experience in the design and creation of custom frames; they also have an eagle eye for opportunities to use custom mounting to make works shine. Some examples of custom mounting include:

Floating Mounts: In your traditional picture frame, the mat or the frame will cover the edges of the artwork. This is fine if the edges are blank or ugly, but what if the edges are actually quite interesting? This is where floating mounts come in. With a floating mount, the art is mounted on a matboard that is slightly larger than the art. This allows the edges to be displayed.

Pedestal Mounts: This type of custom mounting is often used in conjunction with a floating mount to add extra drama and visual interest to the piece. In a pedestal mount, instead of being mounted directly on the matboard, the piece is mounted on a spacer or “pedestal” that raises the art off the backing and adds a little extra shadow.

Glass Floats: A glass float is a floating mount in which the matboard on the back has been replaced with another piece of glass or plexiglass. This means that your art will seem to float on the wall where it is hung. This provides an especially intriguing custom mounting option for double-sided items like textile art.

Shadowboxes: If you want to add dimensionality to your custom mounting, a shadowbox is an excellent option. Most shadowboxes are about an inch deep, and can be used to display two dimensional or three dimensional items. These shallow shadowboxes can still fit in some wood or metal frames. Alternatively, we can make the sides, top, and bottom of the box from opaque plexiglass to create a sort of built in frame.

Acrylic/Plexi Boxes: When you need an especially deep shadowbox, our acrylic/plexi boxes fit the bill. These boxes can be created in any dimensions necessary to suit the 3D art or memorabilia you wish to display. The items can be mounted on a colorful mat or a handwrapped fabric board if you wish.

Quality is Guaranteed on Our Custom Work

At Allan Jeffries Framing, we are so confident in our frame artists’ abilities that we promise your custom mounting will be perfect. If there is a flaw in our work, we will make it right, even if it means we have to redo the entire mount and frame.

Come Visit Us

If you would like to see some examples of custom mounting, browse our gallery page or visit any of our three frame shop locations to chat with our friendly frame artists.


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