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Custom Matting

Free yourself from the limits of precut mats with custom matting from Allan Jeffries Framing.

Working with a professional frame shop like Allan Jeffries Framing gives you the freedom to choose your own custom matting to suit the particulars of your frame and your artwork. Possible examples of custom matting we can create include:

Unusual Sizes: Obviously, we will have to create custom matting for a custom frame in a nonstandard size. But even if you have a standard size frame, you do not have to be limited to the predictable dimensions of precut matboard. You might prefer a very narrow mat because you have a wide, busy frame, or you might want a wide mat to offset a skinny frame or add size and impact to a small photo or painting. Needless to say we can cut your custom matting to the exact size you want.

Multiple Mats: While most frames feature just one mat, it is definitely possible to use more. For example, if you wanted to frame a baseball pennant you might choose to have two mats, one in each of the team colors. As experts in custom matting, our frame artists can help you visualize these kinds of mounts.

Off-Center Openings or Multiple Openings: Off-center mat openings are occasionally used to add drama to a small photo or artwork. We can also create multiple openings in one piece of matboard if you wish to display a collage of photos or memorabilia.

How To Choose Your Matboard

When adding custom matting to a frame, it is important to understand what impact this may have on the conservation of the art or photo being displayed.

If you choose your basic paper matboard, you will enjoy only limited protection against damage from acids in the paper. After about 5 years, the treatments used to control the acids in the wood pulp will lose their effect and you could see yellowing or other damage.

If you choose archival matboard, you will not have to worry about this kind of damage. Archival matboard is acid-free and will never turn colors or break down with acidic properties. Our preferred archival mat is Crescent Rag Mat, which is a 100 percent cotton, acid-free mat. We also carry Bainbridge “Artcare” mats, which are also acid-free and offer protection against airborne pollutants.

If you want your artwork to stand the test of time, we highly recommend choosing archival-quality products for your custom matting.

Ready to Design Your Custom Matting?

If you have a special request for your custom matting, we will do everything we can to fulfill it. You can always count on our staff for impeccable framing work and outstanding customer service. Come visit one of our frame shops today to learn more.

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