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Shadow Box Framing

Our top-quality shadow box framing provides an elegant way to display & protect any object.

Art needs protection from the elements in order to continue looking its best over the years. In most cases, this can be provided by a picture frame. But what about items that don’t fit in a traditional frame? Do you have to choose between hiding these items away or displaying (and potentially damaging) them?

Not when you visit Allan Jeffries Framing. We provide custom shadow box framing to protect, preserve, and display all your three-dimensional treasures, such as:

  • Sports memorabilia
  • Historic artifacts
  • Family heirlooms
  • Movie props
  • Medals
  • Coins
  • Costumes & clothing
  • Collectibles
  • 3D art

Now You May Wonder…

…What Exactly Is Shadow Box Framing?

Technically, any type of frame that separates the art from the glass with something thicker than a matboard could be considered a shadow box. However, most shadow boxes are at least one inch deep. Some types of shallow shadow boxes are designed to sit inside a picture frame, while others are made with opaque side, top, and bottom walls that serve as a sort of frame for the object on display. If the shadow box is deeper, the walls may be left clear to allow a view of the object from multiple angles. In either case, you can choose to have a matboard or a fabric-wrapped board as a background for the object on display, or leave the back clear to allow for a 360 degree view.

Is Shadow Box Framing Only for Fragile Items?

No! Protection is just one reason to get shadow box framing. Whether your item is fragile or not, it can still benefit from shadow box framing, because the box will draw the eye to the object and establish it as an item of value and interest.

Our Workmanship Is Always Guaranteed

When you trust Allan Jeffries Framing with your shadow box framing, you can rest assured that you will be totally satisfied with the result. Why? Because we guarantee all our custom framing work. If there is ever a flaw in our work, we will correct it right away.

Ready to Order a Shadow Box?

We invite you to give us a call for a quote or come to one of our three frame shops to start picking out materials for your custom shadow box.


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