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Readymade Wall Frames

Get quality readymade wall frames and superior custom mounts at Allan Jeffries Framing.

Will the art, photo, document or memorabilia you want to display fit in a standard size frame? Then you’re in luck: readymade wall frames are exactly what you need. You can pop in to Allan Jeffries Framing, pick out your frame, and walk away with a finished, framed piece the very same day.

Readymade Doesn’t Mean Boring

While readymade wall frames certainly don’t offer total design flexibility like custom frames would, they are by no means boring or limiting when you shop at a fully-stocked store like Allan Jeffries Framing. We offer your choice of:

  • Wood or metal frames
  • Painted, gilded, or plain frames
  • Hanging or easel-backed frames
  • Plain or ornate mouldings
  • Any mat width or color
  • In stock frames sized 8×10, 8½ x11, 11×14, 14×18, 16×20, 18×24, and 20×24
  • Special order frames sized 24×30, 24×36, 30×40, and 36×48

Now You May Wonder…

…Why Should I Buy My Readymade Wall Frames at a Frame Shop?

Because a frame isn’t all you need to display your art to its best advantage! You also need to be sure your piece gets mounted correctly in the readymade frame with all the other necessary components like mats, backing, and glass or plexiglass. We can even provide archival-quality framing to give your special artwork maximum protection from UV rays, and airborne pollutants.

Count On Allan Jeffries Framing to Make Your Readymade Frames Look Custom

When you trust Allan Jeffries Framing to mount your art in a readymade wall frame, it most definitely will not look like you ordered a frame online and then did a DIY job. Instead, we will make sure every detail of the mounting is perfect. We can custom cut rag mats to fit your frame, use hand-wrapped fabric mats, or even create a special floating mount within your frame.

Come Browse Our Inventory Today

Don’t delay your framing project one more day! Come to one of our three frame shops and let our experienced and knowledgeable staff help you pick out the right readymade wall frames for your needs and budget.

Ready To Get Started? We're Here For You.