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Photo Frames Beverly Hills CA

Photo FramesAt Allan Jeffries Framing, we can help you find the perfect photo frames Beverly Hills CA for any application. Since we stock so many different types of photo frames, a visit to one of our shops is virtually guaranteed to help you find a frame you’ll love. We carry:

  • Plain black, silver, and gold frames
  • Wood and inlaid wood frames
  • Vintage photo frames
  • Sterling photo frames
  • Decorative photo frames
  • Easel-back frames
  • Hanging frames
  • Sizes: 3.5×5, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10

Choosing Photo Frames Beverly Hills CA

The whole point of photo frames Beverly Hills CA is to enhance and protect your photos while they’re on display. If you have a dramatic photo, you will want to avoid choosing a bulky or busy frame that may distract the eye and lessen the impact of the photo. You might prefer vintage frames for old family portraits or historic photos, and more modern frames for contemporary shots. Many people also like to choose flowery or gilded photo frames to highlight special memories like wedding photos or baby photos.

Decorating with Photo Frames

Our photo frames are very versatile because they feature hardware for wall mounting as well as a stand for use on a table or bookcase. Whether you plan to hang or stand your photos will definitely influence the type of frame you choose. One particularly popular use for hanging photo frames is a photo wall. Most photo walls are located in otherwise wasted spaces like hallways or staircases. While you don’t have to use the exact same frame on each photo on the wall, you should make sure that the frames all share something in common, like color or general style. When in doubt about which photo frames look good together, you can always ask our frame experts.

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