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Custom Mounts in Brentwood CA

Don’t settle for a boring mount–explore custom mounts in Brentwood CA with help from our experienced frame designers

Custom Mounts

The process of creating a stunning display for your favorite art doesn’t end with picking the frame. Custom mounts in Brentwood CA can also be used to enhance the item on display and create additional visual interest in the frame.

Allan Jeffries Framing Gives You Options

The professional frame artists at Allan Jeffries Framing have the skills and expertise needed to create meticulously crafted, elegantly structured examples of many different kinds of custom mounts in Brentwood CA. We’ll be happy to explain the custom mounts we offer:

  • Floating mounts
  • Pedestal mounts
  • Glass floats
  • Shadowboxes
  • Plexiglass boxes

Just ask us and we will be happy to help you with any kind of custom mount.

Benefits of Custom Mounts in Brentwood CA

A custom mount allows you to achieve a more unique look for your framed artwork. Often, people can’t help wanting to get closer to the art once their interest is piqued by a custom mount. For example, a glass float is basically sandwiching a piece of art between two pieces of plexiglass so that the wall shows through in the space where a mat would be. This allows you to create a very dramatic effect that anchors each piece of art firmly in the room.

Some types of custom mounts in Brentwood CA also deliver the benefit of eliminating the need to cover the edge of the art with a mat or a frame. For instance, using a floating mount, you can center the entire piece on top of a sheet of mat or other backing. This lets the edges of the art show, so you can see the torn edges of a collage or the tasseled edges of some textile art.

Come Collaborate with Us

If you’re interested in custom mounts in Brentwood CA, be sure to let us know and we’ll work with you to brainstorm ideas for creatively mounting the piece you want to frame. We enjoy the personalized aspect of our work and we are always happy to take on the challenge of a custom job.

Ready To Get Started? We're Here For You.