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Custom Art Frames Culver City CA

Custom Art FramesAllan Jeffries Framing is your premier source for any type of custom framing need. We specialize in handcrafting high-quality custom art frames Culver City CA for posters, prints, photos, and original art, and our staff has a level of expertise in frame design and construction that you simply won’t find at a hobby store. Come visit one of our showrooms to browse a collection of over 3,000 custom frame samples and get inspired for your next custom framing project. We can create:

  • Wood or metal frames
  • Plain or ornate frames
  • Shiny or matte finishes in virtually any color
  • Closed corner frames
  • Carved frames

Choosing Custom Art Frames Culver City CA

When choosing custom art frames Culver City CA, it’s important to consider both the individual piece you’ve having framed and the overall look of your home. A good frame choice will complement both. Generally speaking, it’s good to keep all the frames in a given room in a similar style, without necessarily going for a perfect match among all frames. Not locking yourself into one frame design will allow you to stay flexible in your framing options.

For example, what if you’ve chosen all silver frames for the art you own so far, but you’ve just bought a piece with lots of gold tones? Insisting that all the frames match would mean not hanging the new piece or getting everything reframed. By employing a more flexible strategy, on the other hand, you could choose a different frame for your new piece without making it stand out like a sore thumb. When choosing a frame color scheme, black and silver or wood and gold are both good options for most applications.

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