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Sports Memorabilia Framing Pacific Palisades CA

baseball-framingWith help from Allan Jeffries Framing, your valuable sports memorabilia can get the royal treatment. We’ll help you figure out what type of sports memorabilia framing Pacific Palisades CA is right for your collectibles and souvenirs, and then we’ll design a beautiful frame just for you.

Sports Memorabilia Framing

When it comes to sports memorabilia framing Pacific Palisades CA, the frame’s material, color, and style will always serve to complement the item inside. Antique or vintage sports collectibles often look best with ornate wood or embossed metal frames, but you could also opt for a more modern looking frame if your home decor demands it. We can also match the mat in the frame to the item or use nested mats in the team colors if appropriate. Framing is a great option for collectibles like:

  • Posters
  • Photos
  • Autographs
  • Baseball cards

Sports Memorabilia Shadow Boxes

If you’re dealing with a 3D piece of memorabilia, needless to say a traditional frame isn’t the answer. We can create custom shadow box frames to accommodate 3D items like:

  • Jerseys
  • Hats
  • Pennants
  • Balls
  • Sports equipment
  • Trophies and awards
  • Toys

As in a traditional frame, the style and color of materials used in the shadow box frame will be hand-picked to suit your item. Whether you choose a shadow box with a frame or one that is basically a clear acrylic cube with a backing, we’ll make sure that your item looks awesome and will be protected from the elements.

The Allan Jeffries Framing Guarantee

At Allan Jeffries Framing, we take equal care with every framing job, whether it’s sports memorabilia framing Pacific Palisades CA for a vintage jersey or your kid’s little league shirt. We guarantee our frames against defects in materials and workmanship, and in the unlikely event that you find a flaw, we’ll fix it for free. You will never get stuck paying for an inferior job when you work with our team of framing pros.

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