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Photo Frames in Palos Verdes CA

Whether you have art photos or family photos to display, we have the top-quality photo frames in Palos Verdes CA you need

Photo FramesAre you tired of the limited selection and low quality of photo frames available from your typical home goods store or hobby shop? Come to Allan Jeffries Framing for a better experience. We take pride in stocking a variety of quality products, and you can count on us whenever you need impressive photo frames in Palos Verdes CA.

We Give You Options

We have a huge selection of photo frames including some very unique options, so you’ll be hard pressed not to find something that you like. You can find the following types of frames at our shops:

  • Plain black, silver, and gold frames
  • Wood and inlaid wood frames
  • Vintage photo frames
  • Sterling photo frames
  • Decorative photo frames
  • Easel-back frames
  • Hanging frames
  • Various sizes: 3.5×5, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10

Choosing Photo Frames in Palos Verdes CA

When choosing photo frames in Palos Verdes CA, you naturally want to choose a frame that complements your photo. If you have a dramatic photo, you will want to avoid choosing a bulky or busy frame that may distract the eye and lessen the impact of the photo. Vintage frames look great on historical photos, especially ancestor portraits. Many people also like to choose flowery or gilded photo frames to highlight special memories like wedding photos or baby photos.

Decorating with Photo Frames

There are basically two ways to display photo frames: either hanging on a wall or standing on furniture like tables and shelves. Whether you plan to hang or stand your photos will definitely influence the type of photo frames in Palos Verdes CA you choose. By hanging lots of photo frames together, you can create a photo wall. Usually the photo wall features family portraits, but you could also use art photography or travel photos. While you don’t have to use the exact same frame on each photo on the wall, you should make sure that the frames all share something in common, like color or general style. Our staff will be happy to help you select photo frames that would look good on a photo wall.

Come Browse Today

Need photo frames in Palos Verdes CA in a hurry? No problem. Come visit one of our shops today and walk away with the perfect frames.

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