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Poster Framing in Palos Verdes CA

Protect your favorite posters with expert poster framing in Palos Verdes CA from Allan Jeffries Framing

Poster FramingIf you love a piece of art, you will want to get it a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing frame from Allan Jeffries Framing. This includes posters! Our expert frame artists always exercise meticulous care, whether we are doing poster framing in Palos Verdes CA on a valuable limited edition poster or a mass-produced poster that you just happen to love.

Let Our Experts Help You Choose the Perfect Poster Frame

When you get poster framing in Palos Verdes CA from us, our skilled team of designers will help make sure that the frame you choose complements the poster and your home. Choose from the following options to create the perfect poster frame:

  • Wood or metal frames
  • Archival or non archival mats
  • Glass or plexiglass
  • Custom or standard frame sizes
  • Huge variety of colors and finishes

Your choice of materials will depend on the aesthetic and performance-related goals you’re looking to achieve with your framing job. We’ll help you decide if wood or metal looks best with your poster, as well has help you choose archival-quality glass and matting if preservation is a concern.

Protect Your Art with Archival Poster Framing in Palos Verdes CA

Our poster framing service is ideal for preserving posters that you love for years to come. An item doesn’t have to be worth a lot of money to merit archival poster framing in Palos Verdes CA. If it is meaningful to you, you can invest in this special type of framing to preserve it. We can use museum-quality Crescent Rag Mat and other acid-free materials to ensure that your poster is preserved against the ravages of time as well as possible. We can also offer UV protected plexiglass to make sure the colors in your poster don’t lose their pop.


If you would like more information about poster framing in Palos Verdes CA, please give us a call or come visit in person at one of our three shops.

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