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Shadow Box Framing in Torrance CA

Display and protect your 3D treasures with quality shadow box framing in Torrance CA

Shadow Box Framing

If you’re looking for an elegant way to display 3D art and collectibles, stop by Allan Jeffries Framing. We’ll be happy to introduce you to shadow box framing in Torrance CA. No matter how specific your needs may be, our experienced frame artists can craft the perfect shadow box to your exact specs.

What Looks Good in a Shadow Box Frame?

Here are some items you might decide to display using shadow box framing in Torrance CA:

  • Sports memorabilia
  • Historic artifacts
  • Family heirlooms
  • Movie props
  • Medals
  • Coins
  • Clothing
  • 3D art

Designing Shadow Box Frames

In the broadest sense, a shadow box frame is anything that creates significant space between the art and the glass. However, most of the shadow boxes we create are more than 1 inch deep. We’ll adjust the dimensions to accommodate your object. Most shadow box frames are created with opaque side walls that are part of the frame, but we also offer acrylic boxes with clear side walls that allow viewers to see all sides of the item except the rear. For the rear wall of the shadow box, you can choose any color of board or mat. One popular choice for the backing is a handwrapped fabric mat that adds rich texture to the shadow box frame. We’ll help you choose the right backing, as well as a beautiful color and style of frame.

Benefits of Shadow Box Framing in Torrance CA

When it comes to getting shadow box framing in Torrance CA, there are plenty of benefits. Shadow box frames save you from having to dust or clean your 3 dimensional treasures, and depending on the materials used, they can also protect against sun damage.

Start Your Shadow Box Project Today

The first step to getting custom shadow box framing in Torrance CA is visiting one of our shops and chatting with one of our expert framers. We invite you to stop by soon.

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